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Discover A New Speakeasy Bar Within A Hair Studio

Take a journey back in time with Ergys Coffee Till Cocktail! Enjoy the unique atmosphere of this speakeasy-inspired bar and experience the vintage charm of Prohibition Era classic cocktails with their distinct flavours and tastes.

When Prohibition took effect on January 17, 1920, it drastically changed the social landscape of America. Saloons that had once catered only to men closed down, leaving people with few legal options to purchase alcohol. People instead turned to buying liquor from licensed druggists for “medicinal” purposes, clergymen for “religious” reasons or bootleggers, who sold it illegally. Another solution was to enter private, unlicensed bar rooms, or "speakeasies," where patrons would whisper a password to gain entry and avoid being heard by law enforcement.

Speakeasies became a major and permanent shift in American social life. They ranged from fancy clubs with jazz bands and dance floors to dingy backrooms, basements, and apartments. Men and women were no longer segregated from drinking together, and speakeasies and house parties became popular venues for entertainment. With the competition for patrons, live entertainment became a necessity for speakeasies and a tremendous impact on American culture.

The Roaring Twenties was a time of wild parties and roaring music. Jazz music, with its lively and soulful rhythms, was the soul of the era, and the dances it inspired in speakeasies and clubs fit perfectly into this raucous, party-loving atmosphere. Thousands of illegal clubs existed, and jazz bands played in many of them, as people gathered to drink and have a good time, unencumbered by parental supervision - a concept which was just being introduced as the term "dating" was first coined.

Prohibition attempted to ban the trade and transportation of alcohol, but it didn't stop people from inventing unique spirits and cocktails, which were enjoyed in speakeasies and other secret locations. While some cocktails were invented during the 1920s, many of the most popular drinks were actually created before the era began. From rum-based cocktails to gin-based ones, bartenders and other people brought their creativity and skills to the table, transforming alcoholic beverages into something subtle and tasteful.

New Speakeasy Bar In Forest Hill / Eglinton West Neighborhood

Experience the vintage charm of an old-fashioned cocktail at a local bar with speakeasy vibes! From speakeasies to modern bars, the Old-fashioned has stood the test of time as a classic favourite. Enjoy the diverse flavours and tastes of this Prohibition Era classic at Ergys Coffee Till Cocktail. Tucked away in a discreet alleyway, this speakeasy bar within a hair studio perfects The Old Fashioned and captures the spirit of the Prohibition Era.

Create your own version by combining club soda, Angostura bitters, and bourbon whiskey - or simply sit back, relax, and enjoy the perfect Old-fashioned crafted with care by our expert bartenders. Come experience the art of the cocktail at a New Speakeasy Bar In Forest Hill / Eglinton West neighbourhood called Ergys Coffee Till Cocktail. Located at - Back Alley Entrance, 1005 Eglinton Ave W Unit C, York, ON M6C 2C7.


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